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-- >> she says the man helped her and then disappeared. the two clues that could identify him. >> i'm thankful to be alive. >> reporter: thankful, because her car flipped twice over a guardrail. a good samaritan came to her rescue. he was wearing military fatigues and knew how to respond in emergencies. >> he turned to the front of me and talked to me and did a quick physical exam to make sure i could feel, make sure my spine was intact and he just talked to me and kept me calm when i felt like i was going to pass out, when i was hyperventilating and not sure what was going on. >> reporter: she remembers he had bright green eyes. she says she remembers that detail because he told her to
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look into his eyes and keep talking and stay calm until paramedics arrived. when she got into the ambulance, he was right by her side. but she said then he just disappeared, before she could say thank you. >> i mean, he was the person i needed when i felt like my whole world had disappeared. >> reporter: teresa's father hopes one day he will be able to thank that service man, whoever he is. >> as a fellow serviceman, i'd like to say thank you to all the people who are serving us right now. and this man in particular, bringing comfort to my daughter at this time. >> he didn't, you know, stick around to receive any form of praise. he is truly deserving of everything. >> reporter: teresa says she is forever grateful. >> there are no words to describe. >> he was an angel, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: juliette goodrich,
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cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> and teresa tells us she is waiting for the police report to see if the serviceman's name was written down. on breaking news, the westbound direction of 580 in oakland is a mess. all westbound lanes were closed for more than two hours. the chp began to reopen all lanes about 10 minutes ago. and all of this because of a shoot-out. there were two abandoned cars riddled with bullets near an exit. police think whoever was in them ran off. of course, we have traffic conditions 24/7 at and then about a mile away, police were on the scene of another shooting in the neighborhood on seminary avenue at hilton street in oakland. police say a man was shot about 90 minutes ago and at this point we don't know if the two incidents are related. and cbs 5 reporter christin ayers spent tonight in an oakland neighborhood and we've
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agreed not to reveal exactly which neighborhood except to say it's in oakland hills. the people there have come up with quite the crime-fighting tool and they don't want the bad guys to know about it. >> reporter: from the warning signs in this neighborhood to the security cameras, the message to would-be burglars is clear. you are being watched. but the cameras you see are just the tip of the iceberg. there are many more that you don't see. now neighbors are taking their surveillance game to the next level. they've created a cooperative and have hidden cameras throughout the neighborhood and they're already catching criminals in the act. an expert computer surveillance man came up with the plan for the co-op after a woman was raped in her own home. >> never again would we allow a criminal to enter or leave our neighborhood undetected. >> reporter: 88 neighbors bought into the co-op for a few
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hundred dollars apiece. high-tech infrared hidden cameras. before long, the cameras had captured a hit-and-run, and this. a man prowling the neighborhood at 2 a.m., right around the time that cars were broken into. the co-op handed the man's license plate number over to police. >> right now, we're capturing more than 98% of all the cars that go by. >> reporter: the hidden cameras are so stealth that my photographer and i never realized that our pictures were being recorded. the images go to a cloud database, accessible by a few neighbors, only if a crime occurs. more than 10,000 are now interested in joining the co- op. >> i think that this is not going to solve all our problems. i do think that this will make us more safe, not just our neighborhood but all of oakland. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. two suspects in a deadly crime spree in san jose -- one says he's sorry. jonathan wilbanks walked into
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court today with his head down. he had -- he and an accomplice are accused of killing a man during a carjacking and wounding a police officer after a series of armed robberies last friday. wilbanks' attorney says his client is extremely remorseful, but that may not help his case. >> the murder of rory, that potentially is a life without possibility of parole or a death penalty charge. the attempted murder of a police officer is a life offense in itself. >> despite a $20,000 reward and all-out man hunt, the second suspect is still on the loose. it is just after 9 in the morning on the israel-gaza border and both sides are respecting the cease-fire, for now. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook explains what happens next. >> reporter: the cease-fire means israel will stop targeted
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assassinations of militant leaders and palestinians in gaza will stop rocket attacks. many fear this cease fear is only a band-aid on a deep wound. after 20 hours of negotiations in egypt, secretary of state hillary clinton called the cease-fire the first step in a long process. >> now we have to focus on reaching a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security, dignity and legitimate aspirations of palestinians and israelis alike. >> reporter: hamas leader responded. after 24 hours, meeting tomorrow at 9 p.m. local cairo time, we'll begin to explore how to carry out the demands of the palestinian people, so that, god willing, the killing and aggression over
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gaza ends. >> if the missiles stop, it will be over, we hope. >> reporter: he remains cautiously optimistic about how long the cease-fire will actually last. hamas still has rockets and missiles. >> if they still have them, they might choose to use them. >> reporter: just this year, the u.s. has given over $3 billion to them. >> america is investing and maintaining the peace in the region and also the american interests in the region. >> reporter: now, the u.s. has given money, albeit much less, about $200 million to the palestinians, but that money only goes to the palestinian authority in the west bank and not to gaza. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. also in the news tonight, a manhole cover shot up out of the street in san francisco. smoke and sparks then shot out of the manhole on 11th and
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howard streets. it also happened just as the muni lines overhead started to arc. all this happening moments after crews responded to a traffic crash nearby. one word about this next story. ,ew. an overflow of sewage and water. there was enough sewage to force a closure of the beach and a no swimming alert. >> we have a combined sewer system here, so we're collecting storm water and sewage in the same pipe. it only gets overwhelmed when you have a lot of rain. it's about 10% sewage. >> cleanup crews blocked off about a quarter mile stretch of the northernmost segments of the beach.
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if you have plans to shop at a wal-mart over the next few days, you will be met by more than just the friendly greeters. dozens of pro-union protesters rallied at this oakland wal- mart today. similar rallies are planned for tomorrow and black friday. wal-mart is non-union. these protesters claim that the company denies their workers a living wage. wal-mart has asked the national labor relations board to stop the rallies, but a decision probably will not come in time. let's go to pleasant hill where people are camping outside of best buy. shoppers want to be the first in line to get those black friday bargains. some have been there for days. but one father and son just arrived. >> i'm here for him. we're going to get a laptop and big-screen tv tonight or tomorrow night. tents on the way. made our phone call. we realized the line wasn't too
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bad. we said we're going for it. >> the newcomers say they are learning from the veterans. there are people who have done this year after year. some of us tell us they haven't had thanksgiving dinner at home in years. well, some grinch stole a beloved bay area holiday display. >> stealing from kids. >> coming up, the case of the missing penguins. eat more and lose weight. but only if it's the right kind. the new way to look at dieting. >> do you recognize these people? >> huh-uh. >> it's not the sort of thing you would just toss away. why a search was launched for a bride and groom, because of the mementos that turned up in a bay area parking lot. we are so much different on the radar tonight compared to
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last night when we had that heavy rainfall moving through. we have mainly clear skies outside. only a seven-day forecast but a 90-day forecast, coming up in just a few minutes. ,,
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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now. the westbound direction of 580 -- the maca -- boy, what a traffic mess in oakland right now. the westbound direction of interstate 580, the macarthur freeway in oakland, was closed for hours after a shoot-out. it reopened about 20 minutes ago, but as you can see, it is still gridlocked. a burglar suspect went on a rampage in pacific heights at an apartment building there, breaking windows and terrifying neighbors [ screaming ] >> police say this man was walking across the roof of several buildings at franklin and sacramento, trying to break in. one woman heard breaking glass and looked out the window to see the suspect directly below her, trying to smash in the door with a skateboard, so she called police. >> i called 911, please come. i don't want him to get in the building. i was afraid. >> police say the suspect
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appeared to be on drugs or possibly mentally ill. he was arrested and treated for cuts from the broken glass. police are on the hunt for the crook who ran off with a children's holiday display. cbs 5 reporter kiet do on the case of the stolen penguins. kiet? >> reporter: ken, when christmas in the park opens on friday, folks will see a whole lot of nothing. event organizers are not angry. they say it's a shame and they're very disappointed. they were your typical off-the- shelf stuffed penguins, a little dingy and worse for wear after years of christmas in the parking. nonetheless, they were our beloved penguins. >> you hate to have something like that happen. >> reporter: last week, someone hopped the fence and tore all penguins from their custom-made
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parachutes. >> you don't make a whole lot of money? >> no. >> the last thing you need to do is spend money to replace -- >> it still makes a difference to your bottom line. >> reporter: today someone found one of the penguins ditched behind a nearby building and returned it. replacements have already been ordered and the show will go on without the penguin flight school for now. >> i think it's horrible and they shouldn't be allowed here, i mean, stealing it from kids. i can't believe somebody would do that. >> reporter: and so the word on the street is that a homeless woman stole the penguins. a generous donor has come forward and once the penguins get here, they won't have a parachute. but they'll just be kind of floating there. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, cbs 5. and continuing the theme here, two lucky turkeys won't be showing up for thanksgiving dinner. >> in the spirit of the season,
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i have one more gift to give, and it goes to a pair of turkeys named cobbler and gobbler. the american people have spoken. and these birds are moving forward. >> for the first time, people voted on facebook for the bird they wanted to save. next stop for those turkeys, a specially prepared pen at mount vernon, george washington's estate. after that, a tranquil requirement. hanging out with the rest of the animals on the farm. go ahead. stuff yourself this thanksgiving! [ laughing ] >> not with those turkeys, though. kim says it's okay, really. >> apparently it's the latest way to lose weight. you can even eat candy. but not just any kind. no, no. >> reporter: the more we get, the more we get.
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but that can have consequences. >> obesity, diabetes. >> cholesterol problems. >> reporter: now a seismic shift. eat more, lots more, and lose weight. >> really? >> really! it's called volume-metrics. >> could volume portions be better than trying to limit your portion size? >> reporter: the idea, eat till your full. >> but you can't supersize with just any kind of food. you want to pile up on foods that are low cal and packed with water. vegetables carry a multitude of nutrients and in addition to that, fiber. >> reporter: registered dietician joanne says there's science to it. don't skip salad or soup as a first course. >> you want the food to be about 150 calories before the
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meal. >> reporter: do a little math and calculate the food's energy density. try to stick to choices that amount to two or less grams. lettuce, apples, and broccoli are zero. salmon and guacamole are two. another way to add volume, add air. >> when you make a smoothy or a shake, you're whipping air into that. >> reporter: it's better to enjoy cotton candy than jelly beans or whipped butter rather than butter. >> that totally makes sense. >> reporter: cbs 5. all right. big forecast for us right now. no pressure. >> with butter, not butter? >> whipped. >> so many folks want to get outside and work out after having that overindulgence of
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food. hope you enjoy it. weather conducive to get outside after. we're gonna be dry for the next several days. and we will likely be dryer than normal, the bay area the only place in the country forecast to be dryer than normal from december through february. that is our winter, folks. not the best news for skiers, but if you like sunshine, we'll be sunnier. as for tonight, watch out for some fog north of the golden gate. napa, 42. oakland, 48. redwood city, 46 degrees. mountain view, 47. a cold front moved through, gave us all that rainfall last night. we're looking at high pressure building into the bay area and that's going to deflect the storm track well up to our north to the tune of several hundred miles. so as those storms stay away, high pressure does not move, which means you get to enjoy sunny, mild and dry weather all the way into next week. what to expect? a little bit of fog in the
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north bay but a lot of sunshine for your thanksgiving. we will have warmer than normal weather all through the weekend. oakland, 66 tomorrow. san jose, beautiful thanksgiving, sunshine, 66. sunnyvale, 66. palo alto, 65. mid 60's from pleasant hill south to dublin. and right around 65 for san rafael. your extended forecast, keeping us sunny and dry, as i search for my voice. highs around 70 with mainly sunny skies and we will stay dry all the way until wednesday of next week. that is your cbs 5 forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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but where are the bride and groom? reporter mike su a strange discoverly in a parking lot. a briefcase full of wedding pictures. >> but where are the bride and groom? we put mike sugerman on the case. >> very sentimental, obviously very precious to them. >> reporter: they opened the briefcase, found at a child care center parking lot. it's their wedding album from
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2008, binded. what happened? a big fight? messy divorce? somebody just flung the thing out of a moving car? >> we suspect it was probably stolen and they just abandoned it. >> reporter: today, fremont police put an advisory out an its 7,000-strong alert system, because they don't know who the couple is. >> do you recognize these people? >> reporter: police have other important stuff to do so i tried to help. >> do you recognize any of these people? >> no. >> good-looking. >> thank you. >> reporter: are you vijay? call fremont police. help them make this an open-and- shut case. the a's lose a key piece of their play-off puzzle. who will be the 49ers starting quarterback?
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chicago monday night, theres been one big question mark. " " ever since colin kaepernick's stunning performance over chicago monday night, there has been one big question mark. is there a quarterback controversy in your mind?
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>> it's not a controversy because a controversy is two opposing points of view. >> we've always supported each other, so we're going to keep doing that. >> if you can't be happy for your teammates' success, you're playing the wrong sport. go play tennis or golf or something. >> jim harbaugh told alex smith that kaepernick will be the starting quarterback sunday against the new orleans saints. the report claims that postconcussion symptoms suffered by smith were not a factor in the decision. tim ryan said one good game does not a season make. >> it was only one game. let's all keep that in perspective. as good as it was, it was one game. it was a confirming game. we'll see where they go from here. show me when he's done it for four games, when defensive coordinators can get a beat on it. when defensive coordinators get a look at where he likes to do and where he likes to go when
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it's crunch time, believe me, they will attack him differently. the warriors announce bogut will return to practice. stephen curry on fire. the warriors win 102-93. baseball, jonny gomes was huge in helping oakland win the american league west. after the season, i asked him if he planned on coming back next year. >> when you've been kicking your teeth as much as i have in the off-season, you realize nothing is a guarantee. with that being said, would i like to? absolutely, you know. but i'm not a gm or an agent. i'm a baseball player. >> jonny gomes will sign a two-
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year $10 million deal with the boston red sox. he had 18 home runs. his true value, i think, was in the clubhouse. an of course, we loved talking to him, because he was always a great sound bite. but with the a's budget, they don't have a lot of money. $10 million, i figure... >> little leaguers in petaluma are going to miss them. >> he was their big supporter. he gave them money so some of the parents who couldn't afford it were able to. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have a fantastic thanksgiving! and if you come across those missing penguins in san jose, be sure to alert police. >> take care. >> have a great holiday. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight...

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